About us

       Hunan Weide Institute of Prostate Disease Prevention (HWIPDP) was founded in 2010. It was established after the approval of experts from Science and Technology Department, Health Department, and Civil Affairs Department. Currently, HWIPDP is the only prostate disease research organization in Hunan province. The institute brings together dozens of senior experts around the world. In allusion to prostate disease, we have created 'Wei's Immunoneutralization Therapy', which reveals the mysteries of cellular biological effects in the pathogenesis of prostate disease and gets immediate treatment effect.This therapy method has made a significant breakthrough in fighting against various complex, chronic and stubborn prostatitis and prostatic calculus. Our research team is working on further research and summary of the treatment to become the world's academic high ground for the treatment of prostate diseases.

Expert team of Institute

       Deju Wei is now the director of the institute, who is also serve as the chairman of the board of directors in Weide Hospital, Weier Hospital, Zhenghe Hospital and Deya Hospital. Former professors from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xiangya——Debo Wei & Xuanzhi Li, and American pharmaceutical chemist Dr. Kang Tian are the academic leaders in expert committee, which dedicated to overcoming the prostate problem. 

Core members:
Deju Wei: Male, Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine family, Graduate student of Tsinghua University, Founder and director of Hunan Weide Institute of Prostate Disease Prevention, Chairman of Weide Hospital, Founder of Changsha Weier E.N.T Specialized Hospital, Changsha Deya Hospital and Changsha Zhenghe Orthopaedic Hospital. Mr. Wei was awarded as “Son of Hunan”in 2009 due to the prostate medical research result.
Debo Wei: Male, Professor, Chief Doctor, Director of surgical teaching and research department in Xiangya, Specialist in health care, Members and standing committee members of Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Surgery Association, China Society of IntegratedTraditionalChineseandWesternMedicine, China Institute of Geriatric Diseases and China Famous DoctorsAssociation, Senior Staff Scientist in Hunan Weide Institute of Prostate Disease Prevention.
Kang Tian: Male, Doctor, Master of Environmental Chemistry in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master of Analytical Chemistry in East Tennessee State University, Doctor of Texas Tech University, A visiting professor of Texas Tech University, Senior researcher in Texas Leos Healthcare Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Tian has won the distinguished academic achievement award of East Tennessee State University in 1996. Currently, Dr. Tian serve as senior consultant in Hunan Weide Institute of Prostate Disease Prevention.


Wei's Theory of Urology in Traditional Chinese Medicine

      Founder of this institute, Deju Wei, born in a traditional Chinese medicine family. He was passion about Chinese medicine since his childhood, and he has been in this industry for 30 years

Advanced equipment

Equipment: fluorescence electron microscope, multifunctional biochemical analyzer, intelligent urine flow meter, prostate color Doppler, electrocardiograph, microwave therapy instrument, laparoscope, anesthesia machine.
Setting: Institute Office, bacteria culture room, sterile area, operation room, prostate treatment center.

Clinical curative effect statistics


       The study began in 2005. In 2007, the therapy began to be used in clinical trials. Up to 2017, more than 4000 cases were treated, and 415 cases were tracked for a long time, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and the former Yugoslavia. Among them, the cure rate of patients under 60 reached 68%, and the effective rate of patients aged 60 to 80 was 96%. It is very suitable for patients with heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and prostate surgery. The catheter can be pulled out within 3-5 days to solve the difficulty of urination, and the same effect can be achieved after the operation.


Service tenet

Our aim is: the curative effect is the hard truth. Ten years to wear a sword, there are still a lot of issues to be tackled, and sincerely welcome friends and colleagues from all walks of life to visit, exchange and cooperate with the world to overcome the problem of prostate disease.