Research achievements of traditional Chinese Medicine
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First, the classification of prostatic diseases by Chinese medicine:
Prostatitis is called "drench" by prostatitis. It is divided into "Bai Lin", "Jing Lin", "Turbid drench", "hot shower", "stone drench", "ointment drench" and so on.
Two. Symptoms
1. the clinical symptoms of acute prostatitis are urine yellow, urine heat, stabbing pain, frequent urination, heavy people thirst for cold drinks.
2. chronic prostatitis is mainly characterized by short frequent urination, prickling pain, lust, inability to urinate, inability to urinate, urine line, pelvic pain, perineum, distention and pain, dizziness, insomnia, insomnia, sleeplessness, sleepdream, Taidy, low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, impotence and so on.
Three. Disease machine
1 acute prostatitis is mainly hot and humid bets, resulting in urine, yellow and urine heat symptoms.
2 the chronic prostatitis, due to the long course of disease, causes the deficiency of the lower coke and Yang Qi, resulting in the imbalance of bladder gasification and the rising of Yang Qi of the Yin cold. The cold dampness puzzles the spleen meridian of the Tai Yin, which causes the Zhongyang to be inactive and the middle coke is bad, because the cold dampness and the Yang Yang medicine are not absorbed by the kidney, causing the Qi to not return to sea, and the Yang Qi of the lower coke can not be sublimated, Jiao Yang Qi can not warm kidney water, resulting in heart and kidney discord. The central coke is the pivot of the gas machine. Only by turning the hub, the air machine can lift and fall, the upper and the middle and the lower triple coke rise and fall, and the body can let the body gas machine return to its own round movement, five lines of circulation, so as to achieve the normal circulation of the five zang organs. The root cause of chronic prostatitis according to Chinese medicine theory is a point of true Yang failure (life fire failure) in the Kima. It is more solid at the beginning of the syndrome, the long illness is injured, the long illness must be empty, the long illness must be stagnant, the blood stasis is blocked, the tumor is blocked, and the serious person eventually leads to prostate cancer.
Four. General rule of the rule of law
1 acute prostatitis, clearing away heat and detoxicating, and promoting diuresis.
2 chronic prostatitis, the treatment of great symplectic, big temperature, big pyretic, so that the cum really Yang warm, in order to water (kidney) wood (liver), wood fire (heart), fire soil (spleen), native gold (lung), Jinsheng water, the operation of the patients, from the root of the patient recovery, after treatment patients spirit plump, young face appearance, appearance of face young face after treatment. With steady walking, deep sleep improvement, late kidney tonifying and Yang strengthening, and improving bladder contractile function.
The above two schemes are the basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of prostate diseases.
Five, treatment method
According to the symptoms of the prostate, the mechanism of the disease was studied by the general program of yin and Yang, and based on the ancestral secret recipe of Wade, the Chinese family of Chinese medicine, the corresponding Chinese medicine preparation was developed.
1, yin deficiency type: manifested as the fever of the hands and feet, the urine yellow and tingling, with the addition of the nourishing kidney pill and the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill to form an effective preparation.
2, hot and humid type: urine yellow, urgent urine, thirst and cold, urine pain and other humid heat injection type, with eight, Sanhuang soup, 61 scattered and reduced, the curative effect is exact, can reach the cup and the healing effect, but this kind of patient is very few.
3, Yang Deficiency Type: this type is recognized and the most headache of the world's chronic prostatic disease, the treatment of warm and kidney yang, blood circulation to remove stasis, add lean pulp, prescription with Zhenwu soup, white soup, four reverse soup, kidney four, blood Fu Zhuyu soup mainly added to the following three groups.
The founder of the prostatic Research Institute, founder of the prostate Research Institute, Wade, who was born in traditional Chinese medicine, was very fond of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 30 years, and was rich in clinical experience. Using the theory of "Fu Yang" in traditional Chinese medicine, the author summed up a unique set of unique prostatic, sexual dysfunction, male infertility and prostatic knot. Stone and calcification, prostate cancer and other "Wechsler theory of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Urology", and based on this study:
1. Wechis Zhuang Yang pills:
The pure Chinese medicine preparation, after taking the medicine can make the penis rapid increase rough, the sex life time is lasting, quickly restore the man self-confidence, to the long-term cure the prostatitis patient treatment loses the confidence to restore the erectile function through the rapid recovery, for the follow-up coordination treatment to lay the good foundation.
2. Wechsler forefront pill:
From the point of true Yang in the kidneys, we start with blood circulation to remove blood stasis. After taking medicine, the patient is not afraid of cold, the quality of sleep is improved, and the blood stasis is opened to the Thai. After a month, the patient has a red face and energy to be filled with admiration.
3. Wechsler's seven flavour gate pills:
To add lean pulp, Qi and blood double supplement, calm and tranquilizing the God - oriented side, can achieve the purpose of the work (many doctors of Chinese medicine will not be able to work, resulting in easy recurrence after the treatment). This study has summed up the experience of many years, not only can work, but also can be taken for a long time to prevent blood vessel hardening, blood lipid precipitation, eliminate subhealth symptoms, in order to achieve the purpose of prolonging life.
4. Wechsler prostate pill:
Prostate stones, calcification, due to the return of urine to the prostate tube. Ejaculation causes prostate fluid to be excreted, resulting in hypertrophy of the prostate and hyperplasia. If calcification and stone can not be eliminated, prostatitis can not be cured. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks the body Yang deficiency, cold is the coagulation, treatment with Wenyang fossil, let stone calcification in the role of traditional Chinese medicine iron pill, to warm kidney yang, diuresis Chinese medicine, fundamentally solve the stone constitution, after the better not easy to relapse.
5, Wechsler prostate cancer pain pill:
The incidence of prostate cancer is second only to lung cancer. It is an important disease of men's life. The patient's Yang deficiency did not attract attention and was effectively treated, resulting in irreversible consequences. According to this principle, we take Fuyang, dispersing stasis, and reinforcing the vital qi, so that cancer patients can be effectively treated.
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