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      At the beginning of its operation, the main office of Weide hospital was prostate specialist. After 14 years of development, medical technicians developed from an outpatient clinic doctor to a renowned expert in international chemistry experts Tian Kang, Xiangya Professor Wei Debo, and Xiong Shengzhong. The composed clinical expert group completed the small and medium-sized medical service organizations that are more complete by the community medical service agencies. In addition to the outstanding features of the treatment of prostate specialists, traditional Chinese medicine specialists, and rehabilitation physiotherapy specialists, the hospital also has comprehensive subjects such as internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, urology, etc.; it is the “consumer trusted unit in Hunan Province”.
      After more than ten years of unremitting clinical research and practice, the “Weide prostate immuno-neutralization therapy” has been created internationally for the forefront of the disease, revealing the mysteries of cellular biological effects in the pathogenesis of prostate disease and achieving immediate results.
The Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Fuyang of the Weide Hospital promotes the profound and profound medical culture of the motherland, and inherits and develops the concept of Chongyang Fuyang, which treats and cures diseases and health of Lu Shi, so that “health care and treatment are based on Fuyang and Jiang Guifu’s use”. A precise medical technology culture, a significant practical application of the method, serving all the world.
      The Rehabilitation Physiotherapist has strong technical strength, rich clinical experience, centered on the needs of the patient, and has a good medical team spirit. Diagnosis and treatment features: It is to use physical factors to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve microcirculation, correct tissue ischemia, stimulate capillary proliferation in the lesions, improve tissue aerobic energy metabolism, provide adequate oxygen supply, active cell division, and effectively protect nerve cells. Stabilizes neuronal membrane potential and promotes neurological recovery. In the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, vertebral-basal artery insufficiency, neck and shoulder pain, facial paralysis, cerebral palsy, headache, dizziness, stroke sequelae, trigeminal neuralgia, stiff neck, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, ankylosing spondylitis, pelvic cavity There are miraculous effects in inflammation, men's disease, and senile diseases.


      In the great era of social change, the Weide personnel are engaged in ordinary and serve the work of all beings in the world, as long as we continue to make unremitting efforts. The dream of Weide given us by the great age can certainly be realized.


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