Service charge
 Service process: customer service ---- guidance --- registration -- expert appointment.

Treatment process:

A. expert outpatient examination:
1. routine examination of prostate
2. color Doppler ultrasound examination
3. bacterial culture (mycoplasma culture, Chlamydia culture, bacterial culture of prostatic fluid)
4. drug sensitivity test
5. prostatic urodynamic test
6. antigen detection of prostate cancer (SPA)
B. therapy:

"Wechsler neutralization immunotherapy" (7 days ----10 days) for a course - - - - - - - - - - based on the situation for second courses of treatment - - - later rehabilitation treatment (Research Institute of pure Chinese medicine R & D) - - - to improve the body's immunity enhancement.
Treatment fee standard:
Registration fee: 5 yuan

Charge for outpatient inspection:
1. routine prostatic examination: 30 yuan
2. prostate color Doppler ultrasonography: 240 yuan
3. bacteria culture + drug sensitivity test: 145 yuan
Mycoplasma culture and drug sensitivity
Chlamydia culture and drug sensitivity
Bacterial culture and drug sensitivity of prostatic fluid
4. prostatic urodynamic test: 70 yuan
5. prostate cancer (SPA) antigen detection: 220 yuan
Total prostatic specific antigen assay (TPSA)
Free prostate specific antigen assay (FPSA)
Compound prostatic specific antigen assay (CPSA)

Treatment fee:
There are two ways to choose
1.15000 yuan a course (7 - 10 days).
2.30000 yuan, 2 - 4 courses.
Later rehabilitation treatment fee: 600 yuan per month.
The pure Chinese herbal medicine developed by the Institute is used as a means of treatment for 3 years to 6 months after rehabilitation.
Warm reminder: the patient who comes to our hospital should pay the registration fee first, the examination fee (which can be deducted as the cost of the later rehabilitation treatment), and the additional payment of the treatment fee.