Leading technology in the world:walk into "Wei's Immunoneutralization Therapy"
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Basic information about therapy:
1. Drugs are directly injected into the prostate gland, effectively inactivating pathogenic bacteria, dilating the ducts, eliminating blemishes, removing viruses and Mitogen (mitogen) factors, and inhibiting cell proliferation.
2, inhibition of PRE synthesis and activity, eliminating local inflammation.
3. Directly eliminate cell membrane lipid barrier, increase permeability and reduce c/p ratio.
4, relieve and reduce the glands and their ligaments and muscles around the spasm and tension.
5. Improve local microcirculation and promote local metabolism.
6, dissolve the hyperplasia tissue, so that increased prostate shrinkage, replacement of prostate surgery, thereby eliminating the patient's pain and tissue trauma.
7, inhibit the synthesis of 5α reductase, reduce the DHT content and restore hormone balance.

Weide neutralization therapy characteristics:
A. Traditional therapy:
1. Prostatectomy: There are complications such as trauma, risk, postoperative bleeding, and urinary incontinence.
2. Endocrine hormone therapy: There is a risk of feminization and widespread thrombotic disease.
3. Application of systemic antibiotics: Because of the prostatic lipid membrane barrier and the blood prostatic barrier, the effective drug concentration in the gland cannot be achieved.
4, physical therapy: cavity microwave, local physical therapy and so on. Due to heat resistance of cytokines, it is ineffective and delays treatment, and there is posterior urethral injury, scar formation, obstruction of the prostate tube, and damage to the mucosal barrier of the blood urethra.
B. the Weide immune neutralizing therapy:
1. Drugs are directly injected into the prostate through specially designed needles. The effect is significant, painless and non-invasive.
2, no hormone, no toxic side effects.
3, not easy surgery, cost-effective.
4, for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, senior age and other surgical contraindications.
Pathological study:
Sample: Adult male, 415 cases
Age distribution map
The study found: 20 cases of acute bacterial prostatitis, 25 cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis, 251 cases of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, and 119 cases of chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Prostate patients over the age of 60 have varying degrees of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Disease distribution map
Weide Immune neutralization therapy
A. The treatment program:
Under strict aseptic conditions, the drug is injected directly into the prostate tissue using a specially made small needle (a pinhole about the thickness of the hair), or the drug is infused through the urethra. 1 time/day, 7-10 days for a course of treatment. Adjuvant treatment: Western medicine, Chinese medicine, immunotherapy.
B.   Monitoring (after one to four courses)
1. Symptoms and Signs (International Rating Method)
2, Sex hormone 6 tests
3, Prostate routine
4, Bacterial culture and drug sensitivity
5, Urine flow rate determination
6, Transrectal prostate ultrasound
C. Efficacy:
Recovery rate: 68.7%
Improvement rate: 98.6%
Efficacy assessment: (1 to 4 courses of treatment effect)
1, Pain, frequent urination, urgency, urine and other symptoms, the disappearance rate of 98%
2. Prostate International's seven symptom scores <10 are 98%
3, Prostate shrinkage, calcification foci disappeared 80.8%
4, Sex hormone 6 normal rate of recovery 90.2%
5, PGLR recovery rate of 98%
6, Patient satisfaction rate of 98%

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