Tian Kang
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Master of environmental chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Master of analytical chemistry at East Tennessee State University, USA
Doctorate and postdoc of Texas Technical University
1995 east Tennessee State University honours Award (The Membership in the Honor Society of phi Kappa Phi)
In 1996, Outstanding 7478952Academic Achievement was awarded to the outstanding academic achievement award of East Tennessee State University, a senior researcher in R & D Department of reus health pharmaceutical company, Dezhou
In 2003, he was appointed as a visiting professor at the Graduate School of the Dezhou University of science and technology, director of the instrument room, Institute of environment and human health of Dezhou Polytechnic University (Managerof Lab Instruments), and served as an academic Defense Committee for analytical chemistry of the Institute of chemistry.
Since 2005, he has been employed in the Journal of analytical chemistry, a famous American Journal of chemistry.
He is currently chief investigator of pharmaceutical chemistry, Hunan Institute of prostate disease prevention and treatment.
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